Blanefeild Sept weekend

It has been six months since the club met as a group. Nobody could have foreseen the difficulties everyone has experienced this year. During the weekend we ensured that we meet the Government’s protocols – travelling with no more than two households in any car and splitting up so four different walks were undertaken and meals were socially distanced.

Everyone arrived on the Friday evening at the Ardoch House Hotel, which we hadn’t used before and we all agreed it was an experience and a place we will not forget. Generally the accommodation was very spacious, clean, comfortable and the quality of the furnishings was of a very high standard. There were a few contrasting points – in particular no heating was provided even though there was a wood-burning stove in the lounge which Dru (the manager) found several reasons why it couldn’t be lit. The front door remained open at all times, but as someone noted was to help the flow of air throughout the hotel. Dru was some character and entertained us with some wild and fanciful stories of previous guests. This house was actually the family home of John Muir – or so we were led to believe.

We only walked on the Saturday as weather warnings had been given from the Saturday evening into Sunday (torrential rain). A small group reached the summit of Ben Lomond and they had great views down Loch Lomond. The weather on this day was to be showers with strong winds, which didn’t deter the masses mainly hardy Glaswegians climbing this iconic mountain. Our group mentioned some girls in cropped tops, thus pointing out there is no real need for all these fancy outdoor retail shops!

The main group decided to do the Luss Hills but split into two thus observing the rules! The group of three went for the solo Graham Mid hill, which they completed in under 4 hours. The group of four attempted the remaining three Grahams in the area which includes Doune Hill. The biggest problem on this route is there is very limited car parking (1 car) down Glen Luss. There were great views especially of all the surroundings mountain and down the length of Loch Long.

On the top of Beinn Eich

The final group visited Mugdock Country Park for a more leisurely stroll.

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